chaira keliyah de malan (deria_hime) wrote in ff_males,
chaira keliyah de malan

Week 20: Tiffany Blews: Results

Here are the results for the icons you voted for according to the lyrics "Tiffany Blews".

First Place: moonshadow_nal

Second Place: hara_reita

Third Place: lillypuff

Congratulations to the winners! No Mod's Choice due to low submissions.
Your bannermaker this week is mystical_eagle. If you want a banner, please comment and say so!

The next theme will be up immediately.

Our new affiliates:
animealphabet - icon-related community, where you create one icon to each letter
rockawards - weekly icontest dedicated to rock music from all over the world
Tags: results, week 20, winners
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