chaira keliyah de malan (deria_hime) wrote in ff_males,
chaira keliyah de malan

Week 22: Jamlegend: Voting

Well, we needed to take some time off, since we were busy with our final exams. We're sorry, that ff_males missed so many weeks and stayed so long in hiatus, but we're kinda back. Here's the voting for the last open week.

1 2 3 4

#01: Vincent (VII: DoC)
#02: Zack (VII: CC)
#03: Zidane (Dissidia)
#04: Kimahri & Tidus (X)

- Please vote for your favorite two!
- Do not vote for your own icon! (Getting others to vote for you is also prohibited)
- Voting is open until Monday, June 1st around evening.
Tags: voting, week 22
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