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Week 22: Jamlegend: Submission

Your new theme this week is Jamlegend.
I'm pretty sure that this is not quite self-explanatory: Jamlegend is a site, where you can play guitar just like Guitar Hero on PS2/3 - obviously on the keyboard right infront of your nose. I really like this site and I spend so much time there.

For this week I want you to use one of the songtitles of the songs used there. You can find a total list of 85 songs HERE.

o1.) You must join the community and be a member to participate.
o2.) You may enter up to 2 icons per theme.
o3.) The icons have to fit the LJ standars (40KB, 100x100 and .jpg/.png/.gif).
o4.) Your icon must feature the men of the Final Fantasy Series.
o5.) Using Fanarts is allowed, but you must credit when you submit. Animations however are not allowed.
o6.) No one else should know which icon you made, so you aren't allowed to post them until the winner has been announced.
o7.) Don't steal any icon and claim them as yours.
o8.) Every icon has to be made fresh for each challenge.

Submit by commenting to this post. All comments are screened.

Series: Final Fantasy XII
Character: Balthier

Your icons are due to Saturday, February 28th around 11.59PM GMT+1h.
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